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The helm of e2 is led by a strategic visionary disciplined in planning, organization, budgeting, branding, culture, finances, economics and corporate value.  Our Management Executive's prophetic strategic vision has produced noted long-term outcomes for this organization.  e2 has excelled at creating concepts or products by developing models which define specific growth strategy.  Our organizational leadership has effectively translated plans into the complete organizational execution of multi-faceted business development campaigns designed to have quick market and bottom-line impact. These pinnacle benefits bolster the position of this company, its subsidiaries, joined partners, and future clients.  Are you R3Di?

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e2, We Deliver Our Experience

e2 has created pristine regulatory compliance products and services for over a decade.  From simple catalyst systems to Best Available Control Technology (BACT) for large stationary power systems, we have the business solutions you need.

The e2 Pledge Brings these Outcomes to Your Front Door

e2 will Simplify Your Compliance

  • Automate compliance and eliminate manual processes
  • Easily adhere to stringent standards
  • Quickly snap to new mandates
  • Shorten or eliminate 3rd party consulting (embedded)
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Automate required reporting
  • Comply with notifications per site/customer requirements

e2 will Minimize Your Risk

  • Protect your brand with world class quality assurance
  • Eliminate liability for process deviations
  • Back your monitoring and reporting with integrated insurance
  • Increase safety for employees and customers
  • View real-time asset status anytime, anywhere

e2 will Increase Your Efficiency

  • Optimize resource allocation
  • Reduce functional overlap
  • Single source resolution
  • Increase asset efficiency and reduce downtime
  • Reduce insurance and liability costs
  • Deploy easily with minimal ops impact
  • Extend the solution for future use cases
  • Optimize customer delivery
  • Diminish data retention cost

e2's Deployable Assets

ESG Delivery

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Compliance Services

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e2 Brands

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e2's ESG Founding Principles


ESG as a Business and Financial Metric: By defining ESG as a business and financial metric, e2 allows customers to consider our sustainability strategy for internal governance of procedures.  Adhering to the e2 systems template to achieve ESG goals is an essential element of e2 and our subsidiaries (MCe2 LLC and Palm Energy LLC) overarching goal: ensuring resource conservation protocols have a positive, tangible global impact.

ESG Principles

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Not only is our 24/7/365 NOC monitoring the status, health, and readiness of R3Di Systems across North America, our Operators are continuously monitoring weather, energy pricing, and Utility conditions to ensure the energy management and resiliency needs of our Partners are optimized and R3Di for dispatching in near real time.

With e2's focused experience, devout commitment, products, services and geographic footprint showcased, you are assured to be a satisfied partner as your business is properly armed for a continually evolving future.  Satisfied clients to date include:  

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We Deliver Expertise, Compliance and Efficiency Straight to Your Operations.
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