Our e2 House of Brands

The combined grit of e2's engineering, compliance, and capital merged with Mission Critical e2's fault tolerance and Palm Energy's energy market expertise provides customers with a wide swath of power solutions that can generate substantial energy savings.  This e2 unit delivers the complete solution for transitioning into the distributed utility paradigm while improving efficiency, resiliency, and financial outcomes.

"e2 was started as a way to innovate products faster.  What we have become is a trusted partner that owns the liability of new full turnkey products and services non-core to our customers.” - – James Richmond, e2 President

Shared Value


  • Energy Cost, Savings and Reliability - One package with customer access to real-time & historical data
  • Balance of plant design eliminated
  • Cost neutral from Current Utility spend. Up to 50% reduction in energy bill

Speed to Market

  • 6-month Deployment ability to pre-build systems, reducing deployment times even further
  • 1 day removable capacity of system for new location installation
  • Increased Return on Investment
  • Turnkey model/No-CapEx Energy Agreement


  • Utility interconnection eliminated due to no approvals being necessary
  • Designed to Permitting standards - IBC, UL, EPA, ULC, CSA, CAA
  • Meets FERC, DOE, ISO, EPA and Utility standards

Annual Struggles in the Utility Industry

e2 Presents an Extended Line of Services

with a united front of powerful e2 companies to assist you in addressing and overcoming the multiple aspects within this industry. Our success has been driven by a focus on providing value to our customers, top-notch technical performance, and excellence in both our products and services.