e2 ESG Founding Principles

The leadership of e2 has a thorough understanding of designing and constructing resource-efficient, reliable and environmentally sensible business facilities and systems. Today, innovative organizations are incorporating metrics, goals and values into business strategies to mitigate ESG risks while securing opportunities to evolve and reduce costs.

Previous and present clients continue to rely heavily upon e2's extensive acumen for assistance in achieving of their sustainability goals.

​Here are the principles that have served as e2's foundation, allowing this organization the honor of partnering with and guiding so many Partners the realm of ESG sustainability.

1. The Disruption Theory

The Company maneuvers to be a disrupter within its industry to promote sustainability and help its clients improve their ESG metrics. The Company also employs strategies to ensure its well insulated from other disrupters within the industry.

2. Lean Sustainable Strategies

Understanding and modeling the design-to-processes of lean strategies helps the Company promote value and flexibility by using data and analytics to pivot when change is needed, persevere when challenged and aggressively push forward when the Company is on track.

3. Design Thinking

The Company incorporates and employs design-thinking to customize and tailor its business and deliverables.  From its corporate culture, vision, strategies and customer experiences, the company seeks to enrich the experience of their employees and customers by creating improvements within the business ecosystem.

4. Social & Collective Impact

The Company pursues the goal of making a tangible, effective social impact on its local community, in client and project sites.  By promoting synergistic partnerships for social and collective impact, the Company broadens and strengthens its ability to generate meaningful change within the energy industry.

5. Team-of-Teams Leadership

Strategic leadership and project management skills employ synergetic and interdisciplinary teams to maximize the Company's impact and drive value to their customers.