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Facility Remote Monitoring

We showcase this e2product with a power that is Resilient, Reliable and Ready for immediate execution, in normal or Island mode.  Our unique technology, experience, time to market, and flexible contracting structures are unmatched in the industry.

The e2 R3Di power system is onsite, providing our Partners with near-instant backup energy, fully qualified to sustain long duration outages.  This is a turnkey no-CapEx package that serves our Partners’ system primary and stand-by back-up power. In addition to the multiple benefits listed, this power treasure serves as a foundational building block for future Distributed Energy Resource projects.  

Why the e2 R3Di is "Fully Qualified"

  • 1 - Microgrid Controller

    Monitors upstream and downstream to provide power, quality and resiliency
  • 2 - Energy Storage System (ESS)

    Provides full facility load capabilities
  • 3 - Inverter

    For AC/DC Power
  • 4 - Natural Gas Engine

    Continuous rated engines designed to run unceasingly, 24x7x365
  • 5 - Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

    Functions in "open" or "closed" Transition with the Utility

R3Di Data Points

R3Di Use Cases

  • Energy cost management and demand response revenue generation
  • Replacing or supplement existing UPS or on-site generators
  • Flawless pairing with existing renewables on-site
  • Integration with EV or Fleet charging
  • Firming Utility Scale renewables
  • Non-wires alternative for Utilities
  • Prime Power Islanded or as CHP
  • Resiliency for new or existing facilities
  • Improve power quality, frequency, and conditioning
  • Can eliminate the need for existing/proposed secondary Utility Feed

R3Di Safety Features

  • Arc flash monitoring and dynamic protection levels of switchgear
  • Fully protected by integrated Fire Alarm and Aerosol Suppression Systems
  • The only Battery Management System (BMS) and batteries on the market that support high discharge dense power delivery
  • Our battery technology is designed to be safer than other Lithium-Ion chemistries
  • Utility grade protection relays for interconnection in open and closed transition
  • Built-in ability to bypass isolation switchgear for reliable maintenance of critical facilities
  • Complete with breaker and equipment monitoring for switching failure mitigation
  • NFPA 855 and UL 9540 Certified

R3Di Insurance Coverage Options

  • Uptime requirements
  • Demand Response Revenue of Energy Savings Losses
  • Loss of Use or Loss of Product

The e2 R3Di Post-Commissioning Partnership to Success

  • Asset Monitoring with uninterruptable (24x7) remote start capability through the e2 NOC
  • All permitting and compliance requirements are managed
  • Real Time Metering, Analytics and reporting provided through UI
  • Simplified, streamlined and consolidated Utility Billing and payment services
  • Service and Maintenance included
  • Energy Management
  • Active Resiliency Monitoring and Management

Our e2 Facility Remote Monitoring

We have deployed over 1,000 cost saving monitoring solution systems since 2011 for organizations. Partners the e2 ROI have benefitted.

  • Caterpillar gas and diesel
  • Mitsubishi
  • Kohler
  • Waukesha
  • MTU / Detroit Diesel
  • Cummins Gas and Diesel

Our e2 Continuous Parametric Monitoring Systems

Our proven system is effective as:

  • It maintains regulatory compliance through temperature and pressure monitoring of catalyst
  • These systems are based on cellular data collection
  • These systems maintain local storage to ensure continuous data integrity in case connection or power be lost

Our e2 RICE NESHAP Systems

  • Custom engineered catalyst housing per site specific reduce our customer's total cost of ownership
  • The e2 R&D Team has produced turnkey solutions that are available and include - installation, permitting and reporting
  • Systems are guaranteed to meet emissions compliance
  • Indemnification from fines and penalties

Our e2 Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

  • Catalyzed diesel particulate filters (cDPFs) efficiently remove CO, NMHC and particulate matter while requiring lower temperatures for passive regeneration  
  • ICe2c monitor tracks cold starts and time below regeneration temperatures sending text/email alerts to notify users of potential pressure issues before they happen

Our e2 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

  • e2 provides a superior NOx destruction for diesel and gas engines
  • The e2 airless injection system eliminates additional costly components and installation
  • Monitoring of pre and post NOx levels and additional system parameters confirm continuous system functionality

Our e2 Three-Way Catalyst (TWC)

  • Greater than 95% elimination of HC, CO and NOx emissions of rich-burn natural gas engines
  • e2 has engineered solutions for ease of installation in new engine and retrofit applications

Our e2 Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)

  • All e2 Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) / filtration systems can be designed to meet critical and hospital grade sound attenuation levels
  • 2-Stroke and cold formula catalysts are available upon request
  • Catalyst differential and total system pressure measurements are constantly recorded for the outcome of mitigating risks
  • Housings allow convenient removal for cleaning and inspection
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