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Enterprise Compliance Management (EPC)

Our e2 Enterprise Compliance Management (EPC)

e2 has been aggressively separating innovation from R&D by offering our clients compliance services and assistance where it is notably needed.

Our EPC system strengthens and enables our clients to:

  • Seamlessly Simplify Compliance - automating compliance and eliminating manual processes, shortening and eliminating 3rd party consulting, and reducing unnecessary paperwork
  • Effectively Minimize Risk - protecting your brand with distinguished quality assurance, eliminating liability for process deviations, while increasing safety for both your employees and customers
  • Maximize Efficiency - optimizing resource allocation, reducing functional overlap to ramp up speed and increasing your asset quality and efficiency.

e2, a Trusted Partner

Beyond these bullet points, e2 aims to keep your organization competitive within the selected business niche, with an overall united outcome to assure your long-term sustainability while driving down costs. These are our “bottom lines” as an engaged and trusted partner in your success.

Our e2 Environmental Services (EH&S)

e2, the distinguished Compliance Products and Services company offers indemnification for all products and services including regulatory monitoring and reporting.  e2 is set apart and unique from many suppliers within the industry as dependability can be troublesome.  Numerous customers have found e2 to be a trusted partner, the company they can depend upon to ensure all regulatory compliance requirements are not just met, but backed by professionals and leading technology underwritten by risk management insurance.

Providing You with Our Best in this Arena

  • Regulatory Conformity & Compliance Assessment
  • Evaluation of Operation with existing and proposed regulations
  • Performance Auditing
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Personnel Training
  • Facility-Specific Training
  • Development and Implementation of Environmental & Safety Management System (Including ISO 14001/18001, Business approach to environmental and safety issues)
  • Universal hazardous Waste Managment
  • EH&S Personnel Staffing (Full or Part Time)

Our e2 Professional Engineering Services  (PES)

PES provides an organization with consulting in the areas of civil and construction engineering, project management, and software development. e2's PES encompasses a readied staff of individuals and SMEs with the professional engineering licensure needed to assist you with review and certification of your engineering plans as needed. The e2 PES team will present professionalism and compliance during site calls, providing the “pinnacle of service” as our standard. Our PES groups are the "boots on the ground" to be deployed and deliver maintenance, connectivity, and IT support directly to the front door of your organization. When can we get started?

Our e2 Remote Cloud Monitoring (ICe2c)

Cloud Monitoring is the outcome of applying “Cloud Computing” technologies to “Condition Monitoring” to solve the need for remote real-time information.  This information is the lynch-pin of the communication, which makes managing  any set of assets a possibility.

e2's ICe2c technology makes the following outcomes "just a touch" away:

  • Viewing active and historical data, reports and alerts in one cloud-hosted portal
  • Ability to collect, homogenize and filter data for controls and alerts at the edge
  • Optimizing operations from data exchange
  • Enabling automated Risk Management
  • Arranging the processing and tracking of catalyst and testing
  • Facilitating automated maintenance and view maintenance schedules and history
  • Utilizing AI to detect data patterns that improve efficiency and predictive maintenance
  • Maintaining access to user-specific manuals documentation, schematics and replacement parts

e2's Coveted Compliance Services

The Regulatory Compliance and economic impact cost companies over 1.8 trillion in US dollars annually.  As an extension of environmental services, e2 completes all required reporting and actions required for many regulatory items (to include the Clean Air Act (CAA) and Clean Water Act (CWT))  These services are combined with our remote monitoring, cloud reporting and proprietary software that checks for regulatory changes (full-time and in real time) over a hundred local, state and federal sites.  

e2 is a key compliance products and services company that innovates value through technology-driven risk management using Compliance as a Service (CaaS). e2 provides a complete turnkey business model for energy, utility, industrial, and commercial customers.

e2 Testing

e2's testing and evaluations ensures compliance of each retrofit engine through onsite testing of emissions.  Initial performance testing is required for each engine.  The initial performance test results are used to set parameters that are monitored remotely to ensure engine compliance through our online monitoring system.  

e2 Permitting

e2 embeds itself with projects and regulatory agencies to develop a permit that fits the needs of our customers. Permitting requirements can vary greatly from generator to generator.  As such, we have the proper plan for such contingencies.

Our e2 Indemnification Program

The products and services provided by e2 include compliance guarantees that are unmatched by others in the market.  In addition to providing a performance warranty that our products will meet emissions standards over their useful life, we also include service offerings that guarantee compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements such as notification, reporting, testing, and monitoring.

We back our products and service offering with insurance that covers each customer from regulatory-based fines and penalties due to violations of environmental standards resulting from our performance.

Our e2 IoT Custom Systems

  • Utilizing the utility, EPA and renewable initiatives, IoT monitoring, control storage and analytics can be paid and funded through existing programs
  • End users have a choice with continued efficiencies through IoT innovation and automated device connection and service options
  • Affordable class developed (High-End/Low-End) solutions deployed through near zero out of pocket cost enables future sales and control of add on hardware, software and services through the base system architecture
  • Embedded functionality and control creates a partner ecosystem with aligned goals
  • Data set opens up AI and full analytic capabilities
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