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Maximize on-site generation with a strategic partner

Smart energy consumption and cost reduction can give you a competitive edge and our Grid Response Optimization of Virtual Energy (Grove) is a powerful partner to have on your team. With a customer-first approach to asset and energy management, Grove not only monitors weather models, market pricing, grid conditions, and your energy assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week; Grove is our commitment to you, tailored to your needs.

From insightful research and reporting to asset activation and optimization to maintenance and service, both the customer’s asset and energy consumption are monitored and looked after by subject matter experts. In addition to this, you will have dedicated, ongoing support from our customer success team.

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Uncover savings with energy analysts/build strategies with personalized market insights

Your energy needs are specific to your business, your facility, and the ever-changing variables in your region. This is why we design the team around you, with experts to help you understand all of these market factors.

Our energy management team can help you achieve energy goals by reducing your energy consumption from utility during peak times, using a custom procurement strategy and analyzing utility bills to avoid hidden fees.

Using historical data and advanced analytics, we predict peak demand times so you can avoid increased charges. We also work with a vast network of suppliers to secure the most competitive rates and terms based on your company’s needs.

Our utility bill management services provide additional oversight and insight, resolving billing issues and investigating opportunities for savings.

You will have a dedicated account manager who works with these subject matter experts to develop strategies which align with your goals. We provide everything from market insights to expert energy consulting, tailored to your needs.

Energy services & maintenance/asset maintenance & service

Our centralized services department handles all preventative maintenance and quickly responds to any emergency maintenance request. Our partners and distribution/services network are quick to mobilize to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Preventative maintenance is predictable, emergency maintenance is not. The Grove team can assist your site in any service or maintenance situation.

R3Di® system operation

R3Di® delivers uninterruptible, prime on-site power generation and energy storage. In addition to designing and installing R3Di®, we also own, operate, maintain, and insure it. The Grove team is here to monitor and manage your system based on a customized playbook that reflects your organization’s goals. They will handle dispatching of your energy generation assets, demand response, and more.


Energy optimization resources

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