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Maximize energy savings with a strategic partner

In today’s ever-changing energy landscape, with increasing demands on public utility companies, energy costs can be unpredictable. e2Companies helps companies secure a more stable future by regaining control over energy generation and storage through asset utilization, by monitoring grid conditions and increasing purchasing power with a team of experts.


Transform backup generation into on-site revenue generation

Most backup generators drain your costs while adding little to no value other than being available in emergencies. R3Di® is a self-contained natural gas generator and energy storage system designed to provide up to 1 megawatt of uninterruptible power to your facility. Unlike diesel generators that are designed to run for a few hours or a few days and require refueling, R3Di® can withstand long-duration outages or serve as a primary source of power to reduce energy costs.

Our team can help you maximize this valuable resource by monitoring grid conditions, weather, and market pricing to determine when to generate energy on-site and how to use it to enhance performance of your existing assets, including renewable resources.

Control costs with energy management services

Our energy management team can help you achieve substantial savings by reducing your energy consumption from your public utility during peak times, using a smart procurement strategy and analyzing utility bills to avoid hidden fees.

Using historical data and advanced analytics, we predict peak demand times so you can avoid increased charges. We also work with a vast network of suppliers to secure the most competitive rates and terms based on your company’s needs.

Our utility bill management services provides additional oversight and insight, resolving billing issues and uncovering opportunities for savings.

Increase revenue with EV charging and renewables

R3Di® also serves as a reliable power source for EV charging with Level III DC fast chargers, enabling customers to charge multiple vehicles at a time while providing you with a new revenue source. Our team can also help you monetize renewable energy resources with a power purchase agreement that brings tangible financial gains.


Virtual Utility®: The power of a public utility at your facility

R3Di® is the heart of our Virtual Utility®, which combines uninterruptible, prime on-site power generation and energy storage with our grid optimization services to help you proactively manage your energy consumption.
That means you get a dedicated team to support you by:
  • Establishing a customized playbook for operating your R3Di® system based on your goals, including when to use power from your public utility and when to use on-site power
  • Monitoring system and grid conditions at our Grove, a 24/7 network operations center
  • Structuring competitive rates for electricity and natural gas
  • Setting sustainability goals and measuring progress to deliver a return on investment for society as well as your company

Energy Savings Resources

Learn more about the financial benefits of our R3Di® System, Virtual Utility®, and other energy management services.