Power solutions for data centers

Maintain 24/7 reliability and power quality


By some estimates, data centers will account for up to 20% of global energy demands by 2030. As the volume of data increases exponentially and AI-powered applications require vastly more computing power, supplying reliable power to keep data centers running and keep servers cool has become a compounding challenge.

When milliseconds matter, having a reliable source of on-site power is crucial. e2Companies is revolutionizing power generation and energy storage with Virtual Utility®, the first utility-grade, on-site network.

Ensure reliability

Operate in sync with the power grid or independently of it, smoothing out spikes and dips in transmission for the entire facility for reliable, conditioned power.

Mitigate risk

Eliminate air permit exposure and limitations and gain environmental indemnification while managing units through a Network Operations Center (NOC). 

Maintain compliance

Our system meets all utility standards and exceeds safety and environmental permitting standards. Virtual Utility® includes compliance and permitting.

Rethink your energy future with R3Di®

The heart of Virtual Utility® is R3Di®, a self-contained, modular and mobile unit consisting of a prime-rated, rich-burn natural gas generator and battery energy storage system that provides up to one MW of power to your facility.

R3Di® serves as a building block for distributed energy resources, including renewable sources and future technologies.

Ensure 24/7 resiliency

Grove 365, our network operations center, proactively monitors asset health, weather conditions and other factors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year to ensure you maintain resiliency and reliability. Grove 365 is a critical pillar of success for your business, delivering real-time monitoring, reporting and verified data for your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Adopt a sustainable future with environmental services

Concerns about the data centers’ environmental impact and increasing regulations have led some tech companies to abandon plans to build them or consider alternatives, including space-based data centers.

R3Di® saves 19,322 tons of emissions over its lifetime, compared to traditional battery storage systems.

In addition to monitoring emissions and providing data verified by an independent third party, our team can help you develop ESG strategies that meet environmental compliance regulations and expectations from stakeholders.

Reduce capital expenses

Investing in a new power generation and energy storage system can be daunting for any data center. We make it easier with the option to lease equipment instead of owning it outright. We can also help you identify applicable tax credits.  

The future of power generation is here. Is your data center ready?

If your company is ready to invest in new solutions to enhance reliability and resiliency while enhancing the customer experience, schedule a discovery call with us.

During the call, we’ll ask about your power requirements, current energy infrastructure and your plans and goals. From there, our team will prepare an indicative proposal, including the estimated short-term and long-term ROI for your business compared to other solutions.