Power solutions for retail

Rethink reliability and reimagine the customer experience


Retailers are struggling to balance power reliability and high energy costs along with even higher customer expectations. This problem is growing as public utilities become increasingly overextended due to greater demand for electricity to power vehicles, more frequent severe weather and aging infrastructure. e2Companies solves these challenges with Virtual Utility®, the first utility-grade network at your site.

With this self-contained power generation and energy storage system, combined with continuous monitoring of energy market pricing, weather, and grid conditions, your retail stores can:

Protect Your Assets

Operate in sync with the power grid or independently of it, eliminating the spikes and dips in transmission in the event of outages.

Reduce energy costs

Identify and act on opportunities to shift to on-site power generation, protecting you from high energy pricing.

Maintain compliance

Our system meets all utility standards and exceeds safety and environmental permitting standards.

Rethink your energy future with R3Di®

The heart of Virtual Utility® is R3Di®, a self-contained, modular and mobile unit consisting of a prime-rated, rich-burn natural gas generator and an energy storage system that provides up to 1 MW of power to your facility.

R3Di® serves as a building block for distributed energy resources, including renewable sources and future technologies.

Enhance the customer experience with EV charging

As electric vehicles become more prevalent on the road, offering EV charging is more than just a service — it’s a way to increase customer loyalty. With R3Di®, you can add up to four DC fast chargers capable of delivering a full charge within 10-30 minutes. It’s a great way to draw more people to your store and reward loyal customers.

Combine EV Charging with R3Di®, which has a 99% charging uptime, to make your establishment the more attractive choice for EV charging while keeping customers in your store, auto dealership or shopping center longer as they wait for their vehicle to finish charging.

Strategize and save with energy management services

Grove, our network operations center,  proactively monitors asset health, grid conditions, weather, energy pricing, and other factors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year to ensure our customers maintain resiliency and reliability while identifying opportunities for savings with demand response programs, utility bill analysis and customized energy management strategies.

Maintain compliance and mitigate risks

Our team of experts work with you to ensure your operations meet all applicable regulations, including environmental compliance, permitting and indemnification based on federal, state and local requirements. We can also reduce the emissions of existing diesel generators by at least 70% to meet EPA standards and install a continuous monitoring system for ongoing compliance tracking.

Achieve ESG goals with planning and benchmarking

Setting realistic and measurable ESG goals is a high priority for many retailers.

Our team of experts works closely with yours to develop tailored ESG strategies that align with your company’s mission, environmental compliance regulations, and expectations for your industry.

The future of power generation is here. Is your retail company ready?

If your company is ready to invest in new solutions to enhance reliability and resiliency while reimagining the customer experience, schedule a discovery call with us.

We’ll ask you about your power requirements, current energy infrastructure, and your future plans and goals. Then our team will prepare an indicative proposal, including potential savings for your site.