Say goodbye to power outages and surges

Rethink reliability with R3Di®

For decades, companies have relied on diesel generators for backup power during intermittent outages or severe weather.  While battery-based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems can bolster the reliability of generators for mission-critical operations, they fall short of supplying the rest of your facility with instantaneous, uninterruptible power. 

R3Di® combines the benefits of on-site power generation and a UPS in one turnkey solution that syncs seamlessly with the grid so there is no transition — just continuous transmission.


Solve intermittent and long-term power outages

R3Di® is a self-contained unit consisting of a prime-rated, rich-burn natural gas generator and an energy storage system to provide up to 1 megawatt of uninterruptible power to your entire facility — not just sensitive electronic loads. 

Unlike diesel generators that are designed to run for a few hours or a few days and require refueling, R3Di® can withstand long-duration outages during emergencies or serve as a primary source of power to reduce energy costs.

And unlike traditional UPS systems that require replacement batteries every five years, R3Di® battery energy storage system uses lithium iron phosphate batteries that last up to 20 years.

Restore power quality

The electric grid's hub-and-spoke model contributes to voltage sags and surges, especially for facilities far from a power generation source. These power quality issues impact equipment reliability and operations. A dip in voltage means an industrial robot designed to move a fragile part from one location to another may drop it. A surge could cause a precise injection molding machine to release excess material that jams the production line.

R3Di® uses a double conversion system to smooth out transient loading, providing conditioned power. Whether you are using power from the grid or R3Di®, your facility receives consistent voltage and produces a consistent output back to the end user.

Make renewable sources more reliable

Many organizations have invested in renewable energy sources but are unable to use them to their full potential. R3Di® can integrate with on-site power infrastructure and renewable energy sources behind or in front of the meter to improve power reliability. It’s designed to support both existing and emerging technologies, preparing your company for a new energy future.

R3Di® also serves as a reliable power source for EV charging with Level III DC fast chargers so you can charge multiple vehicles at a time and achieve a full charge in only 10-30 minutes.


Virtual Utility®: The power of a public utility at your facility

R3Di® is the heart of Virtual Utility®, which combines uninterruptible, prime on-site power generation and energy storage with our grid optimization services to help you proactively manage your energy consumption.
That means you get a dedicated team to support you by:
  • Establishing a customized playbook for operating your R3Di® system based on your goals, including when to use power from your public utility and when to use on-site power
  • Monitoring system and grid conditions through Grove, our 24/7 network operations center
  • Structuring competitive rates for electricity and natural gas
  • Setting sustainability goals and measuring progress to deliver a return on investment for society as well as your company

Electric Reliability Resources

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