The power of a public utility at your facility

Today’s power grid is susceptible to power quality and reliability issues that can impact your operations for hours, even days. 

Virtual Utility® combines uninterruptible, prime on-site power generation with energy storage and grid optimization services to help you proactively manage your energy consumption so your company never misses a beat.


What is Virtual Utility®?

Virtual Utility® is the first utility-grade network located on your site. The heart of the Virtual Utility® is our patented R3Di® System, a Power generation and energy storage system that can operate in-sync with the power grid and or independent from it. 

The other part of Virtual Utility® is the Grid Response Optimization of Virtual Energy (Grove), the operational hub for distributed assets. It provides real-time grid information, asset health monitoring, and remote dispatching capabilities. 

The system integrates with on-site power infrastructure, including renewable energy sources and EV charging stations, enabling Virtual Utility® to monitor all sources of distributed generation at your facility.

Enabling Virtual Utility®

Complete In-House Capabilities

EV Charging; Sustainability Renewables Integration
Turnkey EPC+M Reliability Solutions
Environmental Compliance & Indemnification
Isolation_Mode (1)
Demand Slide Management & Metering
Isolation_Mode (2)
24x7x365 Monitoring
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Power & Gas Procurement, Risk Management, Optimization
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How can you take control of your energy future?

Solve power reliability and power quality challenges


R3Di® can serve as a primary source of power or a backup power source for intermittent or long-term power outages.

It can provide full-load, instantaneous backup in response to short-term outages or sustain long-term outages with a continuous natural gas engine.

Optimize performance with proactive energy monitoring

The Grid Response Optimization of Virtual Energy (Grove) team helps you establish a customized playbook for operating your R3Di® system based on your goals, including when to use power from your public utility based on historical data, energy market pricing, and other factors. Then we monitor conditions through Grove, the 24/7/365 network operations center so we can respond to changes in real-time.

Lock in competitive rates with an experienced procurement partner

Our Palm Energy team works with you to understand your company’s goals and develops a strategy to establish electricity and natural gas contracts that optimize costs. This includes working with suppliers and vendors, auditing rates in both regulated and deregulated markets, managing risks like regulatory changes and weather, establishing an energy budget, and reporting on progress to key stakeholders.

Achieve sustainability goals


With R3Di®, you can take advantage of renewable energy sources without compromising reliability. Our team can work with you to identify, contract and manage renewable energy projects or negotiate power purchase agreements for greater flexibility without upfront capital costs.

We can also help you define realistic ESG goals and measure progress so you see a return on your investment not only for your company, but for society.