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The wait is over: Get R3Di® for Faster EV charging

Charge electric vehicles in less time 


Embrace electric with a reliable on-site power supply for EV charging

By the end of the decade, more than half of all vehicles will be electric. But a lack of available charging stations is keeping cars off the road. Nearly two-thirds of public EV chargers are out of service at any given time, leading to long wait times for EV drivers.

Charging speeds vary, taking anywhere from 1-50 hours for a full charge. R3Di® is an on-site, utility-grade power solution designed for both intermittent and long-term losses. The turnkey product solution for continuous and conditioned power, a foundational building block for future energy projects.

Time for Full Charge
Level 1
1 kW
Level II
7-19 kW
Level III DC Fast Charging
50-350 kW
20min - 1hrs.
*US Department of Transportation: Charger Types and Speeds

In addition to powering your facility, it provides a reliable power source for EV charging with Level III DC fast chargers so you can charge multiple vehicles at a time and achieve a full charge in only 10-30 minutes. 

Because the system only uses excess capacity, there is no impact to your facility.


Spark a new revenue source

R3Di® enhances reliability and power quality while reducing your reliance on the public grid, making it a critical investment in your company’s operations and sustainability goals. With R3Di® and EV charging, you can gain an additional revenue stream with no upfront capital while managing your own energy costs. You can:

Gain an independent energy position

Gain an independent energy position

R3Di® has the flexibility to serve as primary power for your facility, including integrated EV charging, producing the lowest achievable electric utility cost. R3Di®EV chargers boast 99.99% uptime, powering EVs even when the public utility is not available.

Partner with a charge point operator

Partner with a charge point operator

Now is the time to provide your own public charging. Leave the understanding of charge point management and operations to your energy partner so you can focus on your business. Gain access to charging trends, usage data and user data. Hardware and software packages are available.

Reward loyal customers

Reward loyal customers

Integrate EV charging perks with customer loyalty programs to improve retention and satisfaction.

Attract new customers while managing costs


Attract new customers to your business with high speed charging and avoid costly demand charges that plague your competitors.

How R3Di® + EV charging works

R3Di® provides up to 1 MW of power to your facility and can operate without the need for an interconnection agreement. It’s designed to provide continuous power conditioning and uninterruptible power transfer, as well as high-density energy storage. The system can be configured to support the needs of your facility, which might include Level 3 (DCFC) or Level 2 charging for EVs, depending on your facility’s primary load.


Virtual Utility®: The power of a public utility at your facility

R3Di® is the heart of Virtual Utility®, which combines uninterruptible, prime on-site power generation and energy storage with our grid optimization services to help you proactively manage your energy consumption.

That means you get a dedicated team to support you by:
  • Establishing a customized playbook for operating your R3Di®system based on your goals, including when to use power from your public utility and when to use on-site power
  • Monitoring system and grid conditions through Grove, our 24/7 network operations center and responding to changes in real-time
  • Facilitating EV charging strategies, monitoring EV charging system health
  • Structuring competitive rates for electricity and natural gas, as available
  • Setting sustainability goals and measuring progress to deliver a return on investment for society as well as your company

The future is electric. Are you ready?

R3Di® is ideal for companies seeking a new solution for energy independence and working toward a more sustainable future in addition to providing fast, reliable EV charging. If that sounds like you, schedule a discovery call with us. We’ll ask you about your power requirements, energy infrastructure (including any backup generators or renewable sources), and your future plans and goals.Then our team will prepare an indicative proposal, including potential savings for your site. We look forward to talking with you soon!

R3Di® for EV charging resources

Learn more about the advantages of R3Di® as a power supply for EV charging and options for financing and configuring it at your facility.