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Our e2 Goal

Global Energy Stability on the Path to Zero

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Guaranteeing Energy, Resiliency and Efficiency for Generations to Come.

e2 Companies is an ESG focused organization providing energy resiliency, and efficiency through technology-driven risk management using a complete turnkey business model for mission critical, utility, industrial, and commercial customers. Since e2's founding in 2009, e2 Companies has expanded our products, extent of services, and geographic footprint. Our success has been driven by a focus on providing value to clients, top-notch technical performance, and excellence in products and services.

Our products and services are here to help companies stay ahead in the ever-changing regulatory landscape, energy strategy, and ESG roadmap.


The e2 Demand Integration Realization

"With our Patented R3Di® System, you are in charge of your energy outcome."

James Richmond, President, E2Comply

e2 R3Di® technology successfully provides facilities with a no-blip instant back-up power solution which can sustain long duration outages and can generate considerable energy savings. e2 presents pioneering opportunities within each energy market by utilizing our R3Di® technology through delivery of Resiliency and Reliability on an unprecedented level.

e2 Recognizes the Utility Industry's Reality

Energy demand and costs are increasing. Customers expectations are changing. As more energy sources are entering the market grid peak variability and volatility is increasing.

e2's strategies like the Utility Industries reflect customer value, financial strength, energy delivery and reliability, environmental responsibility, employee and community engagement, innovation and excellence, regulatory integrity, and safety.

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e2's Special Delivery:

Energy, Resiliency, and Efficiency are not only available now, they are guaranteed

The e2 R3Di® onsite power system, provides our Partners with near-instant backup energy qualified to sustain long duration outages.  This is a turnkey no-CapEx package that feeds our Partners’ system primary and stand-by back-up power during the worst of situations (to include; weather, power surges, equipment failure, natural disasters, and/or accidents).


The Patented on-site power System, R3Di®, provides near-instant backup energy capable of sustaining long duration outages. The System and our expertise also provide considerable Energy Savings, and serves as a foundational building block for future Distributed Energy Resource projects.The combination of our Turnkey System, No-CapEx Energy and Resiliency Agreement, Service Level Guarantees, and Maintenance Services allows our Partners to have peace of mind and focus on their business no matter what the local or global disruption may be.


With our comprehensive capabilities, our Partners can curate an optimal suite of solutions or outsource energy management to e2 Companies. From how you buy power and gas commodity, to the boots on the ground required to service energy infrastructure, and everything in between.

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e2's Shared Value Essentials

As a parent company, e2 and its ​subsidiaries have maintained the ability to remain agile and effectual within this industry.  As such, any business linked within this industry niche knows that that Cost, Speed to Market and Regulation are the foundations of an effective Value Proposition.  Here is ours.

e2's value proposition

Annual Struggles in the Utility Industry

  • The Power Grid is Stressed and Undersupplied
  • Utility Companies need Customers off of the Grid during Peak Times
  • An Increasing Number of Blackouts
  • The Grid is in Need of Significant Upgrades
  • 2 out of 5 Companies Experience Monthly Power Outages
  • Power Outages have an Annual (Average) Cost of $59 Billion
  • Renewable Energy is an Unreliable Power and Can Destabilize the Grid - Considered not an Option for Mission Critical Businesses

Our Solution


  • Energy Cost, Savings and Reliability - One package with customer access to real-time & historical data
  • Balance of plant design eliminated
  • Cost neutral from Current Utility spend. Up to 50% reduction in energy bill

Speed to Market

  • 6-month Deployment ability to pre-build systems, reducing deployment times even further
  • 1 day removable capacity of system for new location installation
  • Increased Return on Investment
  • Turnkey model/No-CapEx Energy Agreement


  • Utility interconnection eliminated due to no approvals being necessary
  • Designed to Permitting standards - IBC, UL, EPA, ULC, CSA, CAA
  • Meets FERC, DOE, ISO, EPA and Utility standards

What We Have, What We Do

With e2's vast array of advanced products, compliance systems, SMEs, professionals and industry leaders, we present, deliver and guarantee Energy, Resiliency and Efficiency to organizations that are ready to advance in this new era. We do this because it is in our DNA and Vision Statement to Make Things Work. Are you R3Di® for a quote or appointment today?

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