Jeanne Richmond Appointed to the Advisory Board of Midwest Food Bank, Announces Partnership with e2Companies

CHICAGO and FORT MYERS, Fla. (Sept. 13, 2022) – Midwest Food Bank, an industry leading, faith-based non-profit food bank, announced the appointment of Jeanne Richmond to its Advisory Board to help further the mission of the organization in advancing the fight against food insecurity.

Midwest Food Bank (MFB) was founded in 2003 by David Keiser and his family on their farm in Bloomington, Illinois. Since then, dedicated staff and countless volunteers have embraced the founder’s philosophy of “Humility Equals Success.” Since the beginning, Midwest Food Bank has worked diligently to advance this philosophy, providing food relief to those in need while also feeding them spiritually. The organization has expanded to twelve locations in recent years, including Haiti and Kenya.

The Florida location in Fort Myers is positioned in an area where there is both significant wealth and increasing poverty. This gap is accentuated by the frequency of extreme weather events and natural disasters in Florida. Midwest Food Bank is uniquely positioned to bridge this gap by responding to these events and distributing resources where they are needed most.

Jeanne Richmond’s appointment to the Advisory Board is very timely and will help broaden the impact of Midwest Food Bank in the region. The role of this board is to provide governance, accountability, and strategic vision for the organization. Jeanne is a proven business leader who grew up in Illinois, and her career has followed a similar growth trajectory as the Midwest Food Bank.

Jeanne brings fantastic leadership skills and a unique perspective to help us strategically plan and address food insecurity in Southwest Florida,” said Karl Steidinger, executive director of Midwest Food Bank Florida.

Richmond is also the chairperson and principal for e2Companies, a leading provider of energy solutions committed to economic stability and sustainability. In addition to Jeanne’s Advisory Board appointment, e2 employees will partner with Midwest Food Bank on volunteer activities and fundraising events.

“Looking ahead, the goal of this partnership is to help raise awareness of food insecurity in the region,” explained Richmond. “We share many core values, and e2 Companies is grateful to be a part of the growing legacy of the Midwest Food Bank.”

About Midwest Food Bank

Midwest Food Bank is an American 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that gathers food donations, primarily from large companies, and distributes them to other non-profit organizations and disaster sites. Midwest Food Bank currently distributes nearly $36 million worth of food to over 2,050 non-profits each month.

If you have a heart to serve, consider the numerous opportunities at Midwest Food Bank for donating and volunteering.

About e2Companies

e2Companies is the creator of the industry’s first Virtual Utility® and the leading provider of integrated solutions for power generation, distribution, and energy economics. Virtual Utility® is the first utility-grade network designed for the end user that delivers full visibility and control with a 360° integrated solution. Including the patented R3Di® system.

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